Colours of Your Imagination – Now a reality!


ColorBank has the magic to deliver the colour that you have in your imagination. To get your favourite colour, come to Berger ColorBank. Whichever shade you require, a computerized machine will provide you with that particular shade. With the help of Tintovision software, ColorBank allows you to view a range of colours and shades on the computer screen. By choosing a particular colour, you can place that colour on the exterior or interior of your house and see what it really would look like in reality.

With the help of a computerized machine and a mixture of various colourants, it will create the exact colour that you had in mind but never found it in real life.


A container full of fresh paint in just 5 minutes! But how?

It may sound unbelievable but it’s actually true. Berger ColorBank has the technology to make your dreams into reality! With the help of a computerized machine, and by mixing various colourants, you can make the colour of your choice instantly. The ColorBank machine has the ability to match your shade by mixing colourants in the appropriate amounts.

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