Berger launches reality TV show ‘Berger Happy Home’


"Berger Happy Home" launching press conference, (from left) A K M Sadeque Nawaj (GM Marketing), Mohsin Habib Chowdhury (Sr GM Sales & Marketing), Architect - Actress Aupee Karim, Architect Asif, Shoeb M Assaduzzam (CEO, MAPL).

Berger launches reality TV show ‘Berger Happy Home’

The press conference for the reality TV show ‘Berger Happy Home’ took place on the 9th of October, 2019 at Gulshan Club of Dhaka. The show- “Berger Happy Home” is about to be aired on the Channel I for the first time ever with a fresh new concept and a unique look for the audience. Selected through certain conditions and methods, some houses are going to get their interiors refurbished, free of cost by the country’s leading paint company Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited.

“Berger Happy Home” launching press conference, (from left) A K M Sadeque Nawaj (GM Marketing, BPBL), Mohsin Habib Chowdhury (Sr GM Sales & Marketing, BPBL), Architect – Actress Aupee Karim, Architect Asif, Shoeb M Assaduzzam (CEO, MAPL).

All the episodes of ‘Berger Happy Home’ reality TV show is going to be co-hosted by actor, media icon and renowned architect, Aupee Karim and distinguished architect, Asif M. Ahsanul Haq. Through this show, Berger aims to address common home management issues, such as- space utilization, furniture arrangement, harmonic wall colors balanced with corresponding décor accessories and sufficient ventilation & lighting system through which a household can be transformed into a home filled with love and warmth. Interested homeowners will submit stories following a particular format and lucky winners will be selected from there. Last date of story submission is 31 October 2019. Detailed information about this show and application process can be found in the official Facebook page of Berger ( or directly through call center (08000123456).

The Berger Happy Home Logo unveiling in the press conference

Mentionable names among the guests present at the conference were- Mohsin Habib Chowdhury, Senior GM, Sales and Marketing, A K M Sadeque Nawaj, GM – Marketing and many more high officials of Berger Paints Bangladesh. Additionally, Shoeb MD. Asaduzzaman, CEO of Market Access Providers Limited, architect Aupee Karim and architect Asif M Ahsanul Huq were also present there.

Mohsin Habib Chowdhury presented his speech on the nation’s paint industry’s heritage, color and decorating needs. These needs are based on different architectural structures and their outward presentation to elevate aesthetic beauty that requires quality assurance and global-standard paint products and services of which Berger Paints Bangladesh has always been the pioneer. Similarly, A K M Sadeque Nawaj spoke broadly about Berger Paint’s history, its emergence in and impact on the paint market of Bangladesh.

One of the central attractions of the press conference was the lively hosting of famous architect, Asif M. Ahsanul Haq and popular media icon, Aupee Karim, through which the former talked about the architectural industry of Bangladesh, its practices and the emergence of such a reality TV show for the first time in the nation. And the latter broadly discussed the importance of proper interior & exterior architectural planning, followed by heartfelt thanks to Berger family, Market Access Providers Limited and all relevant personnel. Finally, Shoeb MD. Asaduzzaman presented his gratitude to Berger Paints Bangladesh and the two renowned architects for being a part of this endeavor.

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